The Affordable Wedding Ring Budget Plan

Affordable Wedding Ring Budget Plan

A man presents his prospective bride with an engagement ring upon acceptance of his marriage proposal. Anthropologists believe this tradition originated from a Roman custom in which wives wore rings attached to small keys, indicating their husbands’ ownership.

In 1477, Archduke Maximillian of Austria commissioned the very first diamond engagement ring on record for his betrothed.

Mary of Burgundy. This sparked a trend for diamond rings among European aristocracy and nobility. The sentimental Victorians popularized ornate engagement ring designs that mixed diamonds with other gemstones, precious metals and enamels. Often these rings were crafted in the shapes of flowers and were dubbed “posey rings.” Diamond rings crafted during the Edwardian era continued the tradition of pairing diamonds with other jewels, commonly mounted in filigree settings.

Goldstein Diamonds

In 1947, De Beers launched its now classic slogan, “A Diamond is Forever.” This campaign spurred even more sales. The implied durability of a diamond conveyed the meaning in the American psyche that marriage is forever. A diamond’s purity and sparkle have now become symbols of the depth of a man’s commitment to the woman he loves in practically all corners of the world.The opening of the DeBeers mines in Africa made diamonds more accessible. In the 1930s, when demand for diamond rings declined in the U.S. during hard economic times, the De Beers Company began an aggressive marketing campaign using photographs of glamorous movie stars swathed in diamonds. Within three years, the sales of diamonds had increased by 50 percent.

Diamonds still signify the celebration of a union and cherished memory, though more cuts make more styles an easy option for diamond lovers.

The History of Popular Cuts

Over the years, the most popular cut for diamond engagement rings has always been the round brilliant, consisting of 58 facets that divide the stone into a top and bottom half. Runners up include the princess cut, the emerald cut and the oval cut, with the cushion cut quickly gaining popularity as a recent trend.

A Diamond Is Forever. Since When?
That explains how De Beers helped prop up the price of diamonds and create an illusion of scarcity, but how did diamonds become such an integral part of the marriage process? Depending on your point of view, you can thank or blame De Beers for that one, too. While we may think of the diamond engagement ring as a time-honored tradition, it’s really just the end result of a brilliant marketing plan De Beers rolled out in the late

Buying a Wedding Ring on a Budget

It is important to know how much money you are going to be able to spend in the rings you end up buying. Remember it does not really matter how much or how little you have because there is no set price that must be spent on a ring to make it special. The specialness of the ring comes from you and your partner and the love you have for each other. There is no need to spend months worth of paycheck or goes into huge amounts of debt in order to get the ring- a cheaper ring can mean just as much. Only you and your partner will be able to set the budget in terms of what you want and what you are able to afford when it comes to your rings.

Below is a list of interesting facts about Engagement Rings.

1) The most popular diamond shape is the round brilliant cut. Depending on the type of design you choose it does tend to show off the diamond very well. The round definitely scores high on overall BLING & WOW factor as it is cut to allow for maximum light and brilliance.

2. You may want to consider buying your diamond online as you can make a saving of between 20 – 25% opposed to buying your engagement ring on the high street

3.Many of the diamond rings you now see online are in fact models that are not real. These rings are computer generated to look real as standard photography just doesn’t cut it any more. Only one company in the world can achieve perfect computer generated results so you wont see the difference


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